Obama made the correct choice in firing General McChrystal

Obama made the correct choice in firing General McChrystal.

1) The war in Afghanistan has been going badly anyway. McChrystal has not proven to be a magic bullet, as Petreaus was in Iraq. It was time for a change.

2) Obama has been so weak in so many other ways, foreigners would have begun to openly show disdain for him. It would have looked like he could not keep his own military under control. Bush could have laughed this off, and McChrystal would have been returned to the front. But because Obama is known to be weak, rather than known to be strong, he must now act as if he were strong to save face.

3) This loss of respect would have been particularly bad in Arab Countries, where the power of the leader is everything. They would have interpreted Obama’s leaving him in as deep weakness. This would have excited them greatly, and led to a surge of morale.

4) The war effort had been substantially weakened by McChrystal’s statements. If left in, people would have constantly perceived McChrystal as an anti-administration force in the theatre.

4) He had Petraeus waiting in the wings. That’s a very good replacement.

5) Whatever contribution to strategy and tactics McChrystal was going to make has been made.

6) Michael Yon said that McChrystal was a problem in Afghanistan. That is worth considering. Yon was former special forces as was McChrystal. That says something.

7) Because Democrats loathe the military in reality, they have trouble seeing the military clearly. They see military plots behind every event. So their inate sense of paranoia might have been excited, and theywould have continued to cause political trouble for Obama, saying he was weak, etc.


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