NPR upset: Congressmen voting for the Interests of their constituents.

NPR is upset that Congressman represent their constituents, and not some greater national good that only NPR is able to define:

4. The NPR poll shows why individual House members wind up being more loyal to their own jigsaw piece of the national puzzle than to the national puzzle itself.

And what a shocker – only the people in the district can vote for them. The people at NPR don’t have a say at all!

Only their own micro-constituency can vote for them (or against them).

This leads of course, to the tyranny of the people:

Beneath the surface, the NPR poll was all about the tyranny of constituency, the down and dirty of serving the folks back home.

Whereas, it should be about serving NPR and its interests. If these stupid congressmen were voting the way NPR thought they should, there would be no problem. But voting the way their constituents want? Well, that’s tyranny, isn’t it?

Democrats, and NPR sure do seem to dislike democracy.


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