Police Raid Belgian Churches.

The offices of the Catholic Archdiocese of Bruges, Belgium have been raided by police. They are looking for evidence of child abuse. It is probably important that the cast of characters be firmly placed in your mind, because the MSM is going to spin this one like crazy.

Here they are:

1) Bishop André-Joseph Léonard – Top Catholic Bishop in Belgium. Took office just in January. New Guy. Conservative. Took over from Danneels. This is probably the guy the media will try and blame things on.

2) Godfried Daneels: Head of the Belgian Church for over 20 years. Vangheluwe’s boss for over 20 years. Liberal. He retired in January 2010.  Leonard took over for the retiring Daneels.

3)) Roger Vangheluwe:  Archbishop of Bruges from 1984 to 2009. Admitted child abuser. Liberal

Here’s what happened.

Vangheluwe was discovered to have been abusing a kid during his priesthood. So, Benedict forced him to resign in April 2010.

Benedict also forced Danneels to resign at age 75, last January. Bishops usually would like to continue on, but Benedict is not letting any of the  liberal ones  stay on.   

There has long been trouble in the Belgian church. It’s numbers are declining rapidly, and vocations to the priesthood are way down.

Godfried Danneels is the darling of the liberal church.  The last time a Pope was elected, the liberals were clamoring for him to be elected Pope. But he is so completely far left liberal, he never really had a chance. But he was their “candidate”, anyway.

At least according to this report, Daneels seemed to approve of a very strange new book for catechism classes. The book is incredibly repulsive, and seems as if it were tailor made for perverts.

They police are now searching Daneels home for evidence of child abuse. What exactly this means, we don’t know. 

At any rate, the liberal bishops strike again.

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