Come to Think of It, Has McCartney Done Anything Since the Beatles?

Oh, he’s made records, and money. But do you remember any of his songs? Even if you do remember some of his songs, none of them are significant, in the way John Lennon produced significant songs after the Beatles.

For example: John Lennon produced three songs that have become standards – cultural icons that are sung over and over, and show no sign of ever being eclipsed.

Imagine is one of those songs that goes on and on. This crappy little video – made in the age before there were videos – has almost 3 million views on Youtube:

Happy Christmas is played ad nauseum each Christmas by radio stations.

Give Peace A Chance is still sung worldwide by activists and non-activists of all stripes. Every school kid knows the song.

Every schoolkid knows all three of those songs by the time they are a teenager.

Can you say the same for McCartney? No. Although he is a good popular songwriter, without Lennon to elevate his ditties, there is no permanence to his work. It is all froth. Ebony and Ivory? Say, Say, Say? Silly Love Songs?

His one standout song was from his first album. But it’s hardly a household word/song.  It came out of the blue, didn’t it.


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