McCartney the BS’er

What a tool.

First, McCartney is awarded a high honor by the United States. By the Library of Congress, to be exact.

Then, like a complete ass, he uses the occasion to take potshots at President Bush. This musician who barely got out of high school says snide things about the President that has an MBA from Harvard.  It was the cheap act of a graceless twit. First of all, he’s not even an American, so why is he shooting off his mouth about our politics? It’s as if I went over to the House of Lords to receive some very great honor, and then started bad mouthing Gordon Brown.

Only a moron would do something like that.

But now, McCartney is fumbling back, relying on that worst of all excuses. The kind third graders give. It was a joke, people, can’t you take a joke?

He says, “I said that on purpose. And now all this (criticism), like I’m going to care? It was a joke. Hello, anybody there? It’s a joke.

“Has anyone ever watched Saturday Night Live? They joke about Bush all the time. As for a public apology, are they kidding? I was in two minds whether to say it and I actually waited until the President had gone because I didn’t want to embarrass him or his family. But hey, come on, it’s rock and roll. It wasn’t a religious meeting and I’m allowed to make jokes.”

What a moron. Saturday Night Live was not just awarded a very serious, very high honor by the country. You’re right, it was rock and roll. So why are you giving your rather pointless little political opinions? Why did you inject political partisanship into a nice evening of non-political activities?

And the fact is, he did not make a joke. He took a calculated cheap, political shot at someone who was not there to defend himself. Why kind of idiot says “I’m allowed to make jokes” when he is presented with an honor?

The kind that shouldn’t get them.

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