Why Europe is Dumber Than the Average Bear.

Europe, perhaps more than other places, is bombarded by stupidity dressed up as wisdom and knowledge.

It’s that simple.

For example, Europeans have been watching a new movie: Pope Joan. They present this as history; as something that DID happen. But it is all made up. It is nonsense of the first order.

Insight Scoop reports:

Her story was considered so subversive that for centuries the Vatican tried to expunge it from the records.

Now a film, which last week reached the top 10 box office list in Italy, has revived the story of Pope Joan – an Englishwoman who, legend has it, disguised herself as a man and became the only female pontiff.

The film will fuel debate over whether Pope Joan really existed or whether, as the Catholic Church maintains, she was a mythical figure used by the early Protestants to discredit and embarrass Rome.

Well, let’s think about this logically for a moment. In how many other instances have women been able to pass as men in positions of high importance, for years and years at a time, without being found out?


The fact is, you can tell women and men apart, don’t you know. Women look like women. People notice this. So just on a common sense basis, this sounds completely goofy.  Don’t you think anyone would have said “Gee, I don’t know. That guy sure looks like a girl. He only weighs about 120, and his voice is kind of high. He gets awfully moody once a month. But hey, let’s vote that girly-looking man Pope.”

The story goes this way:

It is said that beautiful young Joan, an Englishwoman born in Mainz, Germany, disguised herself as a man to gain higher education beside her scholarly lover. Her brilliance won her election as pope under the name John in 855 (some say 1100). After reigning less than three years, she bore a child during a papal procession and died immediately, either from childbirth or stoning.

Again. Think about this logically. She grew  great with child, but nobody in the Vatican noticed this? She was puking in the mornings and demanding pickles and ice cream as her belly grew large, and nobody thought anything of it?

And then, she’s ready to have the baby, is having contractions, and she says “Hey boys, let’s go for a little Papal procession today'”

It’s all so very stupid. 

And then, the all knowing, all seeing Vatican is able to  hush it all up. None of the people who saw the procession, or were stoning her, would have ever said anything, would they?

But they can sell this movie in Europe, and large numbers of them will believe it.

Trust me, Hollywood is engaged in a little jihad against religion, and this nonsense is the result. It’s all fun and games, and when the Muslims take over in Europe people will be singing a different tune. You can’t produce a society whose every belief is nonsense and survive.

These UFO stories (Prove it! Prove that the Pope wasn’t a girl!) are all that is left of Europe.


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