Whenever a child abuse scandal breaks out in the church, everyone has to be misdirected. Othewise, they might figure out what is going on. So, as soon as it happens the media starts a firestorm of stories attempting to paint whatever Conservative church figure they can find as the cause , in this cases, the Pope:

Americans might find it difficult to believe but a Pew Research Center analysis of the media coverage of the recent clergy sexual abuse scandal shows that English-language European newspapers published three times as many articles on the scandal as US papers did.

There is no surprise, though, in another key finding of the study — that Pope Benedict himself was the target of many stories:

In addition, the media scrutiny this year zeroed in on the pope himself. During the six-week period from March 12 through April 27, Pope Benedict XVI was a major focus of more than half the stories on the scandal in the mainstream U.S. media, including print, radio, network television, cable TV and online news sources.


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