Well, That’s Different

The British far left paper the Independent notices that the Pope has created a new office in the Vatican – an office for Re-Evangelization. (Of Europe, presumably, which in recent years has pursued a death wish. They have lain down and given up all pretense of defending themselves or Western Civilization in any manner. They seem to think it better to allow themselves to be removed from history).

The Independent says:

He has frequently railed against some of the key pillars of secular liberalism such as the acceptance of homosexuality and abortion rights and the use of contraception.

Secularism is defined by homosexuality? And support for aborting children? And rubbers? Who knew?

Well, then, it’s no wonder that they are having increasing trouble selling “secularism”.

The creation of the council is a stark reminder of just how far secularisation has progressed in an area that was once called Christendom and is a tacit admission that the Church’s recent attempts to reinvigorate Christianity in Europe have not succeeded.

Just one problem. They haven’t tried much, because the church in Europe is composed largely of liberals (secularists?) who were trying to kill it off.


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