This Fourth of July is Special

We are in the middle of the greatest contraction of personal liberty the United States has ever seen. On every front, government is reaching into our lives, trying to control us, shape us, make us do what it wants us to do. American freedom as we have known it is being very rapidly diminished. This Fourth of July is different. Today, we need to take stock of the ways our freedoms have suddenly been restricted, abused and defiled.

It is all very well intended. They seek to promote certain policies, certain aims and goals. But their method in every instance is the same: take away the power and freedom of the individual, restrict choices, force people to do things their way. They are chipping away at the very essence of the United States – personal freedom. Your decisions no longer matter. Somewhere, up above, the government has consulted an “expert” and that expert now is entitled to have enormous influence over your life.

In a very short time, things have changed. Our government has turned on us. It no longer serves us, but is demanding that we serve it. The history of the present government reveals a consistent aim. Reduce the individual, expand the government. Here, then, is a catalogue of  the government’s abuses and errors.  

It has passed legislation the people clearly despised.

Congressmen have so clearly betrayed the trust placed in them that they no longer dare to hold town meetings with their constituents. This demonstrates a complete breakdown of our system – the representatives seem to be representing someone other than the people.

Government has reached down into every detail of our lives, into every nook and cranny of our existence, and now presumes to dictate each of those details to us:

 It wants to tell us what light bulbs we can buy.

It wants to tell us what appliances we can buy.

It wants to tell us what cars we can buy.

It wants to tell us what food we can put in  our mouths.

It wants to drive a wedge between children and their parents, by using schools to undermine the values families hold most dear.

It wants to reduce  the private sector, but increase public sector employment. Why? Public sector employees must vote for Democrats to keep their jobs.  

It wants to eliminate our private health insurance and replace it with miserable government insurance. Not at first, but that is their ultimate goal. Prominent in their strategy is the desire to trick people into going along with their plan by misrepresenting what it will really do. This purposeful deception is unprecedented for an American government. 

It wants to leave our borders undefended, and convey citizenship on millions of people who broke into this country illegally, all so they can remain in political power.

It has taken hundreds of billions of dollars from the treasury, and transferred it to their political cronies. People in the private sector can get fired, laid off, etc but their public employees must be permanantly protected. Again, deception is used. They claiming police and fire fighters will disappear if government is not allowed to spend wildly. Instead of police and fire fighter jobs being saved, the money is mostly going to teachers and regular government bureucrats.

It has increased the debt of the country so much that we will never be able to pay it off.

It has crippled the ability of our children to lead a good life, because they will be stuck with the bill.

It has insulted our friends overseas, and has lain down at the feet of our enemies. Soon, nuclear weapons will spread among the most dangerous terrorist nations on earth, and nothing is being done to stop it.

It has failed to defend the country against terrorists. Suddenly, terrorists have begun penetrating our defenses again. Only two instances of pure luck allowed us to escape without hundreds of dead Americans.

It pursues an irrational economic policy, in which the only answer to every problem is to have the government spend more.

It doesn’t seem to care that millions are unemployed, that millions are unable to advance in life, that millions are forced into holding patterns while they destroy the vast engine that was our economy.

It is thinking about restricting freedom of speech by requiring news sources, blogs and other news outlets to link to somone presenting the opposite case. Since when does the government dictate the contents of our free speech, even if they claim it is all for a good purpose? Who decides if your required link is good enough? 

It is thinking about using the government funds to support pro-government sources of news.

After the economic meltdown occurred, their only aim seems to be to use the crisis to pass things that people do not want. They did not seek to make sure they fixed the problems in the economy, rather, they used the crisis as a pretext to pass other things that had nothing to do with the meltdown.

It cynically uses every crisis as an opportunity to press for things people have never  wanted, things people oppose adamantly. This is the greatest perversion of government we have ever seen. It completely upends the idea of a self governing people and replaces it with the opportunism of the slick politician.


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