Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Oh, you are going to be taxed.

You are going to be taxed to death.

You are going to be taxed when you go out. You are going to be taxed when you go in. If you try to sit, they’ll tax the seat. If you get too cold they’ll tax the heat. If you drive a car, they’ll tax the street.

You might not realize you are being taxed; that’s the way they like it. You might notice the price of everything rising a bit. But you will  blame the companies that sell the goods to you. You won’t even know that the prices went up because Obama levied a new tax on the company, and the company was forced to raise prices.

On every front, every Federal agency is going to tax you more. They are going to charge you more for everything. Those costs might be paid by a company in the first instance, but they eventually get passed on to you. 

You see, if Obama starts making companies pay exorbitantly for everything, he can effectively raise taxes on you, but he can still say he never raised the INCOME tax. So, he can claim that he kept his promise. But he didn’t; he just found a sneaky way to tax the hell out of you without you realizing it.  

For example – online purchases have been tax free. Now, the feds have decided that they will start taxing these. And guess what the sneaky little pumpkins are calling the law? Of course, they don’t want you to realize you are being taxed, so they don’t call it the “Online Purchases Tax Bill”. No, they want to pretend they are doing you a big favor, America. Welcome to the “Main Street Fairness Act“. What kind of disgusting clowns would think up a name like that? Only people who should be thrown out, immediately. They think you are stupid.

In their eyes, it’s “Fairness” that makes them raise taxes, and grind you into the ground.

And Passport fees are going up, by 35%. And that’s just this year. Wait for another 35% jump next year, and the year after that. In fact, every Federal fee will be going up.

Stamp prices are going up. The cigarette tax already went up – Big Brother disapproves, so you must pay more.

More state department fees, up, up, up.

Fees for registration of products with the EPA have doubled. That’s the only one I know about; no doubt similar things are going on all over the federal government. In the end, you pay, not the companies.

Death by taxes. That’s where we are at.

It will only get worse. Much, much worse.

Gotta pay for all that stimulus money that they threw away.

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