A seed of compassion or some holistic intelligence and, uh…maybe a little expansion of …of mind

Why do actors seek to cut their audience in half?

Are they so clueless as to not know they are insulting half the country – and more likely, more than half the country – by saying stupid things about politics? Oh, you are entitled to say anything you want. Just don’t expect people to come to your movies.

 There is a new movie out called Inception. The movie is a science fiction story, basically a retelling of the Matrix. So, if you’ve seen any of the Matrix movies, there is no reason to go to this one.  The premise of the movie is that they can get inside your head and implant ideas.

Here is Ellen Page, one of the stars of the new movie. She is asked if there is anyone she wants to plant ideas into.

She says:

“Dick Cheney…Dick Cheney maybe. I dunno. …Sarah Palin. Maybe a little more…a seed of compassion or some holistic intelligence and uh… maybe a little expansion of …of mind. Maybe get rid of some of that fear that seems to be creating a lot of…uh…ignorance, and thus passing on that fear to…(sighs)… a lot of people. And causing a lot of problems.

Her co-star starts laughing uncontrollably, and then she says “Is that too much? Did I just go too far?” But he says, in   a sort of doober-inspired voice “No, I mean, everything you say is true, so….”

Now, if someone were to ask me about Ellen Page, I could say things like. “Wow, what an enormous forehead!”  But I don’t. Because I want everyone to come to my movies. Even Ellen Page. Not that there are any movies of mine to come to, but you get the idea. I don’t have to say everything that is in my head.

I hope this little post has planted a seed of compassion in Ellen, and, uh, maybe a little expansion of mind.  

(Note – Leonardo DiCaprio is on the video first, he just spouts the usual eco-garbage of the stars)


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