Creepy MSM Tricks. Now with Free Disinformation!

Papers like the Washington Post are becoming downright creepy. It’s one thing to publish an article criticizing a public official.

But it another thing altogether to purposely run pictures with those articles that are very carefully chosen to make the person look ugly, mean  or evil. 

But it’s something the MSM in general, and the Post in particular, does more and more.

Look at the two pictures accompanying today’s article about Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. These are the pictures that the worst Democratic hacks would have prayed be included in the story. Their prayers are answered; the Post is now no more than a low down political hack.

Cheap shots. This, from the people that include pictures of Obama with haloes around his head.

This, of course is bad enough. But the Post seems intent on becoming a source of disinformation for the country. In the article, the increasingly lame Dana Milbank quotes Brewer as saying they are starting to find buried bodies out in the Arizona desert, and sometimes even beheaded bodies. Milbank, however, writing in a girly style reminiscent  of Maureen Dowd at her cattiest, says there is not one iota of proof of this.  He quotes an article from an Arizona paper that says they checked all the morgues and there are no “immigration related” beheaded bodies out there to be found. So, he basically claims Brewer is an idiot, a liar, and a joke.

But the Washington Examiner took the most minute of efforts to check out the story and this is what he found:

A friend on the Hill read Milbank’s piece and pronounced it “utter BS,” then produced a copy of a July 8, 2010, letter to Brewer from Arizona rancher J. David Lowell describing a recent incident involving one of his ranch hands:

“In January 2010, Congressman Rob Bishop visited our ranch here in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. During that visit, I related to him an incident that occurred on June 27, 2008, in one of our pastures west of the ranch house.

“On that day, one of our ranch hands was working horseback and discovered a human head near a trail believed to be used by drug and alien smugglers.

“Although the head was missing the lower jaw, it was immediately apparent that much of the mass and flesh of the head was still present. The cowboy searched the area in hopes of finding the remainder of the body to no avail.

“The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office was notified and they took possession of the head on that same date. We suspect that the head may have been placed along side the trail as a warning to other drug and alien traffickers using the trail.”

A spokesman for Rep. Bishop told me they had confirmed the details of the incident described by Lowell.

Curious, I contacted Lowell and asked him if he was willing to talk to Milbank. Here’s what Lowell said:

“I would be happy to talk to Dana Milbank and, in fact, I would like to invite him to a picnic. We could walk a mile or so up Peck Canyon from the Atascosa Ranch headquarters past where the body was found, which is being autopsied to the place where five (or more) innocent Mexicans (who claim they had broken only a few Federal laws) were fired on about two weeks ago by gentlemen in black camo shooting AK 47’s, he said.

Lowell added that “there’s been one other shooting incident seven days ago in about the same place. We will supply the weenies and potato salad but Dana will have to walk about 200 yards ahead.”

And here is an item Hot Air found in a Lexis Nexis search:

PHOENIX) State police, members of Phoenix police and federal immigration agents busted two suspected drop houses in west Phoenix rescuing 13 people and arresting 15 suspected smugglers.

Police began moving on one drop house Sunday after ransom demands were issued.

A woman said captors held her boyfriend since June 26th and threatened to beat and behead him if they weren’t paid a $3,000 ransom.

Police found the drop house and arrested seven suspected human smugglers Monday.  A second west Phoenix drop house found Monday led to 15 people.

And here is the rather neutral photo the Examiner ran:


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