Oh, By The Way.

Your country is being destroyed. It has cancer and is being eaten out from within. But nevermind. Enjoy all that spending, and all the free, free, free healthcare that everybody can have for free, free, free.

Note to Grandma: Sorry babe, they’re gunnin’ for you now. You’ve had a good run. Now it’s your time to do what you can do for your country.

From the Washington Post:

The co-chairs of President Obama‘s debt and deficit commission offered an ominous assessment of the nation’s fiscal future here Sunday, calling current budgetary trends a cancer “that will destroy the country from within” unless checked by tough action in Washington.

Why did we need a special commission to tell us the truth? Maybe there is something wrong with the Congress we have. Wasn’t taking care of that sort of thing supposed to be their job? What exactly did we hire them for, anyway?


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