Funded by Hollywood, Elected by Criminals

Al Franken, the bizarre Senator from Minnesota, seems to have been elected by criminals voting illegally.

First of all, one zip code in Hollywood contributed more to the Franken campaign than all the Minnesotans together. That tells you one thing – he is not Minnesota’s Senator, he is Hollywood’s. If he expects to get elected again, he will have to do what Hollywood tells him. So far, he has taken the Hollywood line.

Second, his margin of victory was very small. Only 312 votes. It is now clear that those were illegal votes. John Fund in the WSJ:

Did illegal felon voters determine the outcome of the critical 2008 Minnesota Senate election? The day after the election, GOP Senator Norm Coleman had a 725 vote lead, but a series of recounts over the next six months reversed that result and gave Democrat Al Franken a 312 vote victory.

The outcome wound up having a significant impact, giving Democrats the critical 60th Senate vote they needed to block GOP filibusters. Mr. Franken’s vote proved crucial in the passage of ObamaCare last December in the Senate. . . .

Ever since Mr. Franken was declared the victor, the conservative watchdog group Minnesota Majority has combed through records comparing lists of those who voted with criminal rap sheets. It found that at least 289 convicted felons voted in Minneapolis’s Hennepin County, the state’s largest, and another 52 voted illegally in St. Paul’s Ramsey County, the state’s second largest. Dan McGrath, head of Minnesota Majority, says that only conclusive matches were included in the group’s totals. The number of felons voting in those two counties alone exceeds Mr. Franken’s victory margin. . . .

Minnesota Majority says it has been “stonewalled” by Hennepin County officials to whom it presented its findings. But in neighboring Ramsey County, Phil Carruthers of the local District Attorney’s office says he takes the charges “very seriously” and found that Minnesota Majority “had done a good job in their review.” His office has asked for 15 investigators to be hired to pursue the information. “So far we have charged 28 people with felonies, have 17 more under review and have 182 cases still open,” he said.

So the question becomes: Is Al Franken the legally elected Senator from Minnesota? Or did voting irregularities mistakenly place a clown in the world’s greatest deliberative body?


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