Save the (Liberal) Media

The title says it all:

Columbia U President: We need NPR-Beeb-Jazeera in the U.S.”

It is beyond shocking that any American would demand that the government fund the news media. Oh, he thinks the BBC and NPR and Al Jazeera are shining examples of government funding of a free and robust news media.

So long as it is liberal, he might have added.

The BBC is shockingly, stupidly liberal. NPR is a parody of itself. Please remember their “how to speak teabagger” moment? It is a bunch of liberal goons. Their New York Bureau chief was/is a witch. No, really. She writes books on Wicca or paganism. Is there ONE conservative at NPR? Is there ONE conservative guest?

And Al Jazeera is clearly a propaganda outlet.

But those are his journalistic heroes.

As the animated graphic on the Reason site says: Screw. Ball.

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