Obama Working Hard on the Things That Matter Most to You: The U.S. Must Host the World Cup.

Obama is hard at work transforming America. You see, we are a very bad nation. We are “obsessed” with those unkind, mean, home grown sports like baseball, football and basketball. We need to become soccer fans, like Obama’s favorite European socialists.

The Hill has the story.

Obama says:

It’s absolutely true that they call baseball the national pastime here in the United States; that basketball is obviously a homegrown invention; and we dominate American football,” he said. “Those are all sports that developed here and that the United States is obsessed with.”

…Obama said in an interview with the South African Broadcasting Corp. “I mean, my daughters, they play soccer, they paid attention to who was doing what in the World Cup. And so I think what you’re going to continue to see is a growing enthusiasm and I think people are very serious about the World Cup being hosted here in the United States

But look at the comments:

Another great national security idea! I guess he’ll want it played in New York in the name of jobs.How much will this”COST” U.S..BY perfectcitizen on 07/14/2010 at 10:29
Well, he’ll be watching in Chicago, not the white house…BY Reality Check on 07/14/2010 at 10:41
Dear Barack: I’m just SO flattered that your daughters find me interesting, and of course I’ve known all along that you don’t care much for things American (like, say, the Constitution) and would like to bring the country you’ve taken over into the kind of international transcendence I represent, but please, PLEASE don’t make any advances to me in public. I’ll still wave to you in the stands. Ever yours, FifaBY FIFA on 07/14/2010 at 11:05
The economy is in the tank and Obama is more interested in swelling his ego by hosting a sports event !!!? This isn’t Zimbabwe, although Obama does have a lot in common with Robert Mugabe !BY Tonyboy on 07/14/2010 at 11:12
Impeach obama NOW  jbobojake on 07/14/2010 at 11:22
Yeah, maybe a couple thousand jobs to be “created” making those stupid plastic horns. Ever focused like a laser on jobs isn’t he ?BY Jim on 07/14/2010 at 12:21
USA hosting the 2018 or 2022 World Cup has been in the works for a decade; Obama has nothing to do with it.BY Afterseven on 07/14/2010 at 12:25
Will somebody please ask this idiot Obama to keep his mouth shut on this issue…every thing he touches turns to crap. It would be nice to get the World Cup in the U.S. With Obama’s support, the North Pole would get picked over the U.S. BY Tom Mac on 07/14/2010 at 13:56
Will Obama be sending Valerie Jarrett and Oprah to campaign for the world cup ? Brilliant minds want to know.BY Sally on 07/14/2010 at 14:22
If Obama is really serious about the World Cup, he’ll quit talking about it and stay very far away planning the bid.BY TPA on 07/14/2010 at 15:51



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