The NAACP Must Denounce the Racists In its Midst

The NAACP denounced the Tea Parties as Racist the other day. One thing: they did not name any racists that had to be denounced. That’s probably because they could not find any. Oh, sure, they have “seen the signs” at the rallies. Of course, we know that the Democrats have started playing dirty now, so it is likely that most of the incredibly small number of signs that can be called “racist” are actually Democratic party plants trying to make the Tea Parties look bad. And then, there is their  tendency to call any sign racist for any reason.

Since they are unable to name any actual racists, the NAACP’s action was simply a way to slander the Tea Parties. There need be no actual racists; all you have to do is demand that an organization denounce the racists in its midst. It creates the impression that there are racists in their midst.

So, we could just as well demand that the NAACP denounce the racists in its midst.

Or, the Democratic party, for example, needs to denounce the Stalinists in its party.  They’re much easier to find than racists in the Tea Parties.

You know, everyone involved in this attempt to brand ordinary Americans as racists needs to be really, really ashamed of themselves.

Ahem –


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