Let the Word Go Forth, From the Aspen Institute

Suddenly, Democrats are openly criticizing Obama. Polls that lean Democratic, like PPP are suddenly reporting bad news. They even reported the thing most likely to drive Democrats to pull out all their hair and eat it – Sarah Palin and Obama are tied in the poll.

The Washington Post had a headline that would cause you to doubt Obama’s popularity. If memory serves, it said something like “Obama’s popularity falling”. Well that has been the case for quite some time, but they never dared say anything critical at all. Until now.

People are talking about having Hillary Clinton run in 2012 – instead of Obama.

There are stories that the Congress is sick of him.

Mort Zuckerman is criticizing him.  

Barbara Streisand is criticizing him, for Chrissake.

Why all of this openly negative press all of a sudden? For almost two years, no Democrat has said any thing remotely critical of Obama. Suddenly the wind has changed.

I am skeptical that this is some sort of natural event. All the Democrats got together at that Aspen Institute get – together a couple of weeks ago, and after the meeting broke up, suddenly the media began criticizing Obama. It sounds like the Democratic party big shots, and their main squeeze, the Media Masters of the Universe, got together and made some decisions at the Institute.

That’s what it looks like, anyway.

They have decided that Obama is going to destroy the party, and they figure they better do something to save it.

So here are their choices: They can start bashing him until he does what they want. But if he is a complete El Supremo style narcissist, nothing they can do will move him. He lives in a world where he is King of All Things. They would then have to back off. Or, they may have even evaluated his psyche, and have figured they can pummel him enough to make him want to quit. At that point, Joe Biden becomes President, but Hillary Clinton might be the power behind the throne for the next few years. Just some wild speculation.


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