Yes. Yes. It Poisons Everything.

Damn those Catholics, proselytizing in the pure, beautiful, pagan areas of Africa. Why can’t they leave these people alone to practice their beautiful, harmonious, peaceful, non-sexist, communitarian, egalitarian pagan religions?

From the Zambian press:

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people in Northern Province has allegedly established an illegal prison at his palace to confine people being suspected of practicing witchcraft in his Chiefdom.
And the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Kasama has threatened to ban the Paramount Chief from Holy Communion because of promoting witch finding in his area.

High placed sources confirmed today in a telephone interview about the creation of an illegal prison at the Chief’s palace in Mungwi district which is said to have been in existence since last February.

The sources disclosed that the illegal prison which is built within the palace premises has no toilet facility and suspected sorcerers are detained overnight. “Yes I can confirm to you that our Paramount Chief has established an illegal prison at his palace where people being accused of practicing witchcraft are being detained overnight and this has been going on for quite sometime now,” said the sources.

The sources explained that Chief Chitimukulu has himself allowed youths aged between 21 and 23 to conduct witch finding in his territory so as to get rid of sorcerers.

The sources revealed that witch finders were persecuting suspected wizards, mainly elderly people before dragging them to Chief retainers, who in turn put them in detention until the following morning when further witch hunting is conducted by a team of quack doctors appointed by the paramount Chief. The sources added that whilst at the palace, those accused of practicing witch craft are brought before a huge crowd that includes the Paramount Chief and a team of witch finders for further divination. “When you see the crowd, you may think it is the Republican President addressing a rally, but people have come to see witch hunting being conducted at the Chief’s palace,” remarked the sources. Once a team of quack doctors endorses that the accused truly practice witch craft, they were being ill treated and fined two cows before chasing them away from their villages, added the sources. The sources added that items being grabbed from the accused people were allegedly being shared between the Paramount Chief himself and the witch finders.

…The sources said the situation was very worrying because it might result in the deaths particularly the elderly people who were being accused of practicing witch craft because of their age. The sources further said during the Parish Council meeting held at Malole Catholic Church on June 22nd 2010, it was resolved that Chief Chitimukulu be banned from receiving Eucharist because he was dividing his subjects by allowing Quack doctors to conduct witch hunting in his area. The meeting also resolved to write to Northern Province permanent Secretary Mwalimu Simfukwe, Minister John Chinyanta and Mungwi district commissioner about Chief Chitimukulu’s ungodly behaviour. The sources said the Council meeting was attended by Malole Parish Priest Father Edward Chimbuleni. The Sources said the Catholic Church was very much worried with the traditional ruler involvement in the witch hunting because the practice was not only unchristian, but would bring divisions among the accused families. 

So just about the only brake on this activity is the Church. Now, you might say the problem is that the Chief has become a Christian, and it is only because he became a Christian that he is hunting down witches. But no. Witchcraft, sorcery and magic have a long and deep history in Africa, and persecutions of those believed to be witches have gone on for thousands of years. The Church is helping to end many of these barbaric practices.

From another article about kids being accused of being Witches. Children are being accused of being sorcerers, and their parents and families throw them out and abandon them. The church takes them in. The accusation of sorcery is deeply rooted in traditional African religions:

The accusation can be a convenient explanation for misfortune. “If someone dies or gets ill it is easy to accuse witches. It is even easier to accuse children, because they cannot defend themselves,” an aid worker helping the children told IRIN.

“These kids are disowned by society and will continue to be so throughout their life. Most of them were beaten when they still lived with their families. At least two children were killed last year,” the aid worker said.

The difficulty of feeding yet another mouth in extended households already burdened by shortages can be enough of an incentive for children to be labelled sorcerers and thrown out of the house, a tragedy that befalls boys in particular.

“Girls can often stay – they can work with the household. But the boys are left on their own. Their only chance to have a normal life is to live with a family, and that is not possible,” noted the aid worker.

The subject of witchcraft is a sensitive one, and many are reluctant to speak freely about it. But the NGO, Save the Children, has held workshops in M’Banza Congo to help change attitudes, and to inform participants about basic child psychology.

According to the NGO, a child’s behaviour can lead to them being branded as witches or sorcerers. Being too loud or energetic is seen as abnormal, and can be viewed as a sign of a child possessing supernatural powers.

From the State Department’s website on the Central African Republic:

Mobs reportedly continued to kill and injure suspected sorcerers or witches during the year. For example, on October 23, local media reported the killing of a nine-year-old girl who was seriously burned and subsequently died after she was accused of being a sorcerer. Authorities arrested two members of her family and detained them at the women’s prison in Bangui. The case was pending before a court at year’s end.

Somewhere I read a statistic: 17% of all the hospitals in Africa are run by the Catholic church. That probably means another what? 10% or so? are run by other Christian religions. So more than a quarter of all the hospitals in Africa would not even exist without those religious types. Plus all the orphanages, etc.

You figure out what is poisoning what.


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