The Media is Dead.

Remember when the MSM investigated things and forced officials to resign?

That’s all over. The media does not do that anymore. They simply promote the administration, and hope for a handout if they are good.

The real reporting work is being done by the bloggers. They are the ones getting people to resign now. How ironic. The MSM, now simple toadies, have been bested by a bunch of guys in their pajamas.

Today, another administration official bites the dust. In this case, it was a woman in the agriculture department who discriminated based on race. She could have helped a farmer save his farm. The department had programs that would have helped him. Instead, because he was white, she  sort of  just peddled him off to some other agency.

There is a special place in hell for people who could help farmers save their farm, and don’t.

But it was the new media that exposed her. Not the MSM. They don’t do that sort of thing anymore.

UPDATE:  It turns out the woman was talking about an incident that occured in 1986, while she was working for a nonprofit, and she was trying to make the point that she later realized her actions were atrocious. She then lapses into a bit of class warfare talk, but at least she is not a racist anymore. Breitbart needs to take a good whipping over this one. People depend on him to get it right, not to play the same games that the left plays. Give the woman back her job.

However, the response of the NAACP crowd is still very curious. They appear to approve of the reverse racism. Maybe Breitbart was making that point. If so, he should have been clearer.


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