You must pay careful attention.

Muslims want to build a mosque almost on top of ground zero. Sarah Palin spoke out against it.

They tried to silence her.

Get the nerve of these guys – they complained to Facebook, demanding that her post be removed, claiming it was Hate Speech. How did hate speech go from Nazis advocating the final solution, to a former Vice Presidential Candidate voicing her views on an important public issue?

Facebook took down Palin’s post, (they claimed an automated bot did it) then realized what complete idiots they had been, and re-posted it.

That is very, very important. I imagine those calling for the removal of her post were primarily leftists, with a few Muslim radicals thrown in. They can’t stand free speech. Beware of those who use the hate speech trope; in all but a few instances they are merely trying to silence the opposition. These are the new American Totalitarians.

A great game is being played here. Any sane Muslim would have been more respectful of the gravity of the World Trade Center scene. Instead, they are building a celebratory mosque. They are celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center. Make no mistake about that. If their intention were peaceful, if they respected the other people in that city, they would not be building their mosque there. Instead, they have chosen to rub salt in the wound.

This tells you one thing. The people doing this are not moderate Muslims. They are radicals.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia jails anyone with a bible.

If you still doubt the evil intentions of the WTC mosque people, realize that they have named September 11 as the day they will hold the Grand Opening.


The Muslim community is angry that four extremely popular Islamic pages were removed from the site and the letter warns that unless its demands are met Facebook’s Muslim users will move to an Islamic alternative.

The letter demands not only that the pages are reinstated but that new rules are introduced which make it a violation of Facebook’s terms to post anti-Islamic comments.

When Muslims claim the protection of the freedom of religion, remember one thing we were told over and over again: Islam is not merely a religion. It is a way of governing. Islam cannot claim protections because it is not a religion. It is a iron-clad joinder of religion and state power. There simply is no church /state split in Islam. So this is not a freedom of religion matter. The intent of the radicals is to put all of America under sharia law. Their intent is not to live peacefully with everyone; their intent is to get rid of the Constitution and change the way we are governed.

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