The World’s Biggest Liar

Stephen Green:

If you haven’t read today’s Wall Street Journal column by Senator James Webb (D-VA), you owe it to yourself. The key line is this one, where Webb argues that our “present-day diversity programs work against that notion, having expanded so far beyond their original purpose that they now favor anyone who does not happen to be white.”

What makes it key is: Why now? Why write this column today? What brought this particular issue out at this particular moment?

These questions are important, because Webb’s column is a virtual declaration of war on President Obama — at a time when Obama’s head must be already spinning after two weeks of racial strife from the NAACP and Andrew Breitbart.

Like I told you. For some reason, major players in the Democratic party have suddenly decided to separate themselves from Obama. Just imagine the calamity this might become – if he loses the newspapers, if they turn against him to salvage Democratic party fortunes in general, he is toast. He will quickly become the most reviled man in America – once everyone starts telling the truth.

I even heard the word impeachment for the first time yesterday. Granted, it was from nutcake Tom Tancredo, but that is where the calls for impeachment usually start.

He’s losing Democratic Senators:

On the Bush tax cuts, due to expire in January, Obama is already seeing defections. Three Democratic Senators — Kent Conrad (ND), Ben Nelson (NE), Evan Bayh (IN) — are calling on Congress to extend current rates, even for “the rich.” Raising rates is maybe the centerpiece of Obamanomics. Without “the rich” to bash on, squeeze, hammer, and otherwise alternately abuse and neglect, the rest of Obama’s economics don’t make any sense.

He is the biggest liar in American Presidential history:

Candidate Barack Obama ran as a moderate. He promised a “net spending cut.” Health reform was not, we were assured, intended to take over the insurance industry or feature an individual mandate. Taxes would go down for anyone making under $250,000 a year. “Too big to fail” was to be a thing of the past. Our nation was to become post-racial by the long-awaited election of a black man to the White House. And so it goes.

Instead, we got… more of everything. Taxes, spending, regulating, mandates, racial division — the entire liberal waterworks turned up to the max and pretty much all at once.

Obama thought he was Lincoln.

Except that he thought he could fool all the people all the time.

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