100 Million People Get Killed, and Hollywood Doesn’t Even Notice

Michael Moriarty at Big Hollywood:

When will Hollywood even begin tell the true story about the Russian Revolution, Lenin, Stalin and its subsequently more successful imitators such as Mao Zedong and Kim Jong Il?

Obviously some hopefuls for similar success, George Soros, Barack Obama – not to mention the likes of Hugo Chavez – are riding on the back of what basically amounts to world ignorance about the entire nightmare of the Communist Revolutions worldwide.

As a perfect revelation of Hollywood’s utter narcosis, the Warren Beatty film, REDS, is not the indictment of Communism which some might try to paint it as, but the very effective portrait of Communism’s harmlessness.

A few American “idealistic” Leftists were, well, merely disappointed with the Russian Revolution.

That’s it.

Nothing more dangerous than broken dreams.


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