Teachers Have Decided to Be Your Kid’s Parent

They are always looking for ways to take control of your kid’s upbringing away from you. The latest excuse is “bullying”. Of course, bullying in large and small cases has always been part of childhood. But only recently have teachers decided it was their job to morally shape and mold your kid.

You see, unless you allow the school district to be the real parent, your kid is likely to be harmful to The Body.

Now, they are just about coming out and saying it: We will now take over the moral instruction of your kid. Forget about reading writing and math. They can do that on their own time. What schools need to become is the center of your kid’s universe, a surrogate home where moral instruction takes place:

But our research on child development makes it clear that there is only one way to truly combat bullying. As an essential part of the school curriculum, we have to teach children how to be good to one another, how to cooperate, how to defend someone who is being picked on and how to stand up for what is right.

No, you don’t. You can insist that parents send kids to school with the right attitude. Bullying is a  matter between the parent and the child. Any interference by the school is far, far beyond their scope. We do not send our kids to school to learn “how to be good to one another”. That is simple moral instruction, and it is not the school’s job to try and create little psyches.

Ah, but that is the dream of public educators. They want to mold young minds. To be exactly like them. They want to create a perfect  little world where everyone is kind and sunny and perfect. Like a Stepford wife, that is. They want to create “world citizens” and all that. The want to create Democrats.

To do this, teachers and administrators must first be trained to recognize just how complex children’s social interactions really are. Yes, some conflict is a normal part of growing up, and plenty of friendly, responsible children dabble in mean behavior. For these children, a little guidance can go a long way. That is why the noted teacher and author Vivian Paley once made a rule that her students couldn’t exclude anyone from their play. It took a lot of effort to make it work, but it had a powerful impact on everyone.

This is like the No Best Friends rule. This is teaching kids to be good subjects for totalitarian rule. When the teacher intrudes on  the basics of kids making friends, or playing with whomever they want to play with, we see the beginnings of totalitarianism. Teaching the kids to submit to such attempted mind/social control at a young age leaves them believing that’s the way the world works.

Most important, educators need to make a profound commitment to turn schools into genuine communities.

In other words, into little totalitarian enclaves, where freedom has been banished and social control is the norm. These people are insidious. PARENTS are in charge of the moral instruction of their young. This cannot be stressed too much. When the teachers take over, they immediately begin to undermine the parents and teach the kids to be exactly what a mindless, faceless bureaucracy wants them to be. Or it’s off to Room 101, presumably.

Children need to know that adults consider kindness and collaboration to be every bit as important as algebra and reading.

Note that teachers have now moved beyond being teachers; they are not stand-ins for all “adults”. What they really mean is “parents”. But since the teachers now want to be the parents, they dare not come out and say it.

And finally, yes, you will go to jail if you bully someone.

Involving the legal system makes a strong statement that a society won’t tolerate bullying. But for laws like the one in Massachusetts to succeed, they have to be matched by an educational system that teaches children not only what’s wrong, but how to do what’s right.

Bullying can be handled by PARENTS. It always has been. The world has not exploded, nor has bullying become any more prevalant than it used to be.

What has changed?

We now have a severely leftist education establishment that wants to replace the parent. 

Be warned: In Minnesota, when the liberals got power, the changed the name of the Department of Education to the Department of Children and Families.

That is truly chillling.  

Beware of schools peddling ‘safety’ scams. They’ve learned that parents, most of all, want their children to be safe. So they introduce leftist ideology, claiming it is absolutely necessary for the safety of the children. They are incredibly devious, these faux teachers.


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