The Insignificant Release


The huge leak of 92,000 documents is “insignificant”. So what? We all knew that war was going badly for the last couple of years:

From Powerline:

I haven’t looked very far into the story of the leaked files concerning the Afghanistan war that’s the talk of Washington today (at least among those who, unlike me, haven’t lost their electricity). Max Boot finds them “insignificant”:

[T]he only new thing I learned from the documents was that the Taliban have attacked coalition aircraft with heat-seeking missiles. That is interesting to learn but not necessarily terribly alarming because, even with such missiles, the insurgents have not managed to take down many aircraft — certainly nothing like the toll that Stingers took on the Red Army in the 1980s.

Some of the leaked files pertain to the assistance provided by Pakistan, and in particular its secret service, to the Taliban. This phenomenon is well-known, but deeply disturbing nonetheless.

Of course the bigger story is how some jerk get hold of 92,000 documents and leaked them. Without anyone noticing.

The BBC, on the other hand, was drooling. Last night on their PBS newscast, they warned us that the documents MAY reveal war crimes.

That is, war crimes by Americans or British.

The BBC does not seem to care that virtually everything done by the Taliban is a war crime. When they take innocent sheepherders and kill them by the hundreds, that does not seem to bother the BBC in the least.



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