Everyone Knows You Have to be Seven to Get Communion

Now Episcopal/Anglican priests are giving communion to dogs.

Priest gives Holy Communion to dog, aged four

No sooner had I remarked on the fictional baptism of a dog in a novel by Ronald Firbank than an Anglican priest was reported to have given Holy Communion to a German Shepherd-Rhodesian Ridgeback cross called Trapper, aged four.

While baptising a dog is more comical than offensive, desecrating the Eucharist by feeding it to a dog must revolt many Christians. It is not the poor dog’s fault.

Here is the original story:

The priest gave the Host – considered by Christians to represent the body of Jesus Christ – to an Alsatian cross called Trapper.

St Peter’s Anglican Church in Toronto has since been deluged complaints from Christians all over Canada.Donald Keith, the dog’s owner, said he had taken his pet to the church because he had been told animals were welcome.

He said that because he was newcomer the vicar invited him up in person to receive communion.

“The minister welcomed me and said come up and take communion, and Trapper came up with me and the minister gave him communion as well,” said Mr Keith.

“Then he bent his head and said a little prayer,” Mr Keith said.

And they wonder why people are leaving their  church in droves.

The “Deputy People’s Commissar” at the church – excuse me, I meant the “Deputy People’s Warden” apparently thinks it is perfectly fine to do this. But someone complained to the bishop. I can’t imagine why:

Peggy Needham, the deputy people’s warden at the church, said that no further action would be taken.

“The backlash is from just one person,” she said.

“Something happened that won’t happen again. Something our interim priest did spontaneously.

“This person went to the top and emailed our bishop to make a fuss and change things. But he misjudged our congregation.”


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