2 Million!

Sarah Palin has two million “friends” on Facebook.

That is beyond astonishing.

Remember, this is the person the media has consistently attacked. They have not let up for a minute. And yet her power and popularity grows with each passing hour.  It just goes to show how pathetically weak the MSM is now. They attack people unrelentingly; those people grow more popular.

They may not all vote for her, but she stands for the things they stand for.

Common Sense, mostly.

A quality in extremely short supply these days.

There is a tendency for elite-driven systems to become more and more bizarre as they seek to one-up each other, demonstrating to each other their uniqueness and cleverness. At some point, that process drives them into doing and saying bizarre things, things that are fundamentally divorced from reality. But they have been able to convince each other that they are on to some new, undiscovered truth.

But normal people look on and think, “Are these people crazy”?

Witness the bizarre elite-driven phenomenon of global warming; the idiotic notion that no one may defend the nation’s borders; or the fantasy of unlimited big government forever, as if it were free.

Sarah Palin represents the normal person rising up and saying “Are these people crazy?”

That’s why they flock to her.

Even the Germans.


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