Catholics Should Not Join Racist, Armed Insurrection Promoting, Possibly Assassination-oriented Tea Party, Says Obscure Dude.

The Washington Post’s On Faith section is getting really kooky. Today we have the Post’s resident lefty-Catholic running completely off the rails. 

It should be noted, however, that some in the Tea Party spout reasons to deny legitimacy to the president’s election, including spurious doubts about where he was born.

Not really. There may be a sign or two at rallies, but that’s about it. Is is Catholic to spread lies about your fellow man? That’s what he’s doing. He is simply defaming people. He knows this is wrong, and  yet he does it. And he is Mr. Morality here.

Here again, the Tea Party in its posters and blogs frequently claim that Mr. Obama is a Muslim – which suddenly becomes grounds of illegitimacy.

Once again, he found one person who had something stupid to say. Yet he is claiming that these views are accepted by Tea Party members. They aren’t. In fact, they kicked that guy out, immediately. What’s it like to pretend to be a Catholic, while slandering your fellow man for political gain?

But while it is easy to dismiss the unfounded prattle of the Tea Party about Mr. Obama’s birth and religion, the more serious issue of violence remains. I do not think that the Tea Party in its various organizations and regional groupings advocates the murder of the President of the United States.

Gee, that’s awfully big of you. I don’t think that Anthony Stevens Arroyo advocates the murder of the President of the United States, either.  

However, it takes only one person and one bullet to assassinate. John Wilkes Booth, for instance, was a celebrity of the time who had dabbled in the politics of states’ rights, and shot Mr. Lincoln on the grounds that he was a tyrant. Booth is to be condemned.

How bold. John Wilkes Booth is to be condemned. Again, mighty big of you, Anthony

It is so pathetic that they have to stoop this low. This man is crackers. He is all over the place:

I would suggest Catholics think twice about attending a scheduled Tea Party rally in Washington to counter-pose the racially integrated United States of the “I Have a Dream” speech.

What? Now if tea partiers get together, it means they want to destroy racial integration? Again with the lying. He says the rally is specifically to “counter the racially integrated United States”. Yet when you follow his link, there is only a Huffington Post story about a rally Glenn Beck is organizing. Not a word about destroying racial integration in the United States.

This man needs help.

He poses as a Catholic, but he spreads vicious lies about others.

How pathetic is that?


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