Insanity II

John Hinderaker of Powerline agrees that the Federal Government’s stance on immigration is sheer lunacy. Think of the bizarreness of it all. They are saying “We refuse to enforce our laws. As a result, the borders are open to all comers – terrorists, illegals, whatever. And we will sue you if YOU try to enforce them.”

It is govenment gone completely crazy.


The federal government’s position in the Arizona case is, I think, outrageous. The Obama administration has decided to abdicate its most basic constitutional responsibility by failing to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, and now it demands that the states do nothing to protect themselves against the invasion of illegals that federal nonfeasance inevitably encourages. This attack on the most fundamental police powers of the states is, to my knowledge, unprecedented. Michael Ramirez sums up the untenable position in which the Obama administration seeks to put state and local law enforcement.


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