Kurtz and the Good Old Days.

The MSM thought everything was fine when they could tar and feather those they did not like, and no one could talk back to them.

Now everyone gets in on the action, and now that the MSM wields little real influence (witness their attempt to destroy Sarah Palin – who has only gotten stronger). It was fine when the media could try to run fake stories about George Bush’s National Guard service, (the Dan Rather affair) supported by false documents and everything. That was old style, main line journalism, and you wonder how long that sort of thing had been going on.

Now, they bemoan the Sherrod/Breitbart affair, but look what happened – a mistake was made, and it was corrected within a day or at most two. A false impression was immediately destroyed, and the truth replaced it. That’s how the system should work.

Howard Kurtz bemoans lost glory.

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