Don’t These People Know They Are Ruled by Judges?

Most hilarious inside-out take on the recent decision by a gay judge to proclaim gay marriage the law of the land, in spite of  a constitutional amendment passed by the people of California – Proposition 8:

 Perhaps the spectacle of a federal judge overruling such a momentous electoral result will force Californians to reckon with the fact that their initiative process is at odds with norms of American civil rights and government.

Yeah, you can’t let the people just vote on anything they want to; it has to be approved by the elites first:

At the very least, my state needs routine judicial review of initiatives before they go on the ballot, so the public doesn’t face the repeated frustration of passing something only to see it thrown out in court. Maybe this case will produce a backlash that pushes that reform forward.

And maybe not.


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