Heidi Cullen Knows Weather is not Climate. So Why Is She Talking About it

These global warming types are so predictable.

All last winter, while new records in snow and cold were set, they said “Weather is not climate. You can’t look at any short term instance of weather to say ANYTHING about climate”.

But now, there has been – horror of horrors – a hot spell IN THE  SUMMER.

And sure enough, Heidi Cullen, is telling everyone that it’s only going to get hotter and hotter.

She is the global warming fanatic who once called for all weathermen to have their licenses jerked if they did not support global warming.

She’s a little global warming Nazi.

She says: “Heat is the No. 1 weather-related killer in the United States—ahead of tornadoes, floods, or lightning strikes”

Let’s see. Heat is everywhere, so to speak, while tornadoes only affect a tiny spot on the entire landscape where they touch down. As do lightning strikes. So of course heat kills more than tornadoes, floods and lightning.. And floods, well, floods you can walk away from, can’t you? The heat you cannot. So the heat affects millions of people at a time, while the tornadoes etc, only affect a tiny number. Big deal.

But she doesn’t mention cold.

The average number of deaths attributed to cold is 770 yearly, substantially higher than the number attributed to heat

So we have much more to fear by the earth remaining cold. And if Cullen were honest, she would tell you that in much of the temperature record the increase in temperature has been in NIGHT temperatures – day temperatures have not risen nearly as much. So we are seeing a normal heat wave, the kind we have been having in the summer for thousands of years.

“A lot of Americans might expect that global climate change would cause extremely high daytime temperatures in the summer,” he said. “But in Ohio at least, the high temperatures haven’t been changing — it’s the overnight low temperatures that have been creeping up. That means the average temperature over the 24-hour period is creeping up as well.”


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