Pelosi: How Could Anyone Possibly Be Against the Ground Zero Mosque?

Do you detect a trend?

Whenever someone speaks out in opposition to global warming, they claim that Big Oil companies are behind the speaker.  

When people rallied instantaneously to yell at their congressmen at the (no longer being held) Town Hall meetings about Obamacare, they said that Dick Armey was behind it all. And that the people were ‘Nazis”.

When people spoke out against Obama’s policies, they claimed they were racists.

When people speak out against the Ground Zero Mosque, well they are racists, of course. But they are also being manipulated by some dark, mysterious force that is “ginning things up”. The people are too stupid to do anything on their own. Why on earth would people be mad about the Ground zero mosque unless someone was paying them to be?

Behold your very strange Speaker of the House:

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