Using the Polls to Lie again

Here come the fake gay marriage polls.

You knew they were coming. When Obamacare as being considered, the MSM showed that vast majorities of Americans wanted the public option – when in fact everybody hated the whole idea.

When the immigration bill was being considered during the Bush years, the MSM polls showed that 65% wanted illegals to become full citizens. After numerous polls were done by several other polling organizations, the true figures turned out to be 65% against.

Now comes the fake gay marriage polls. Supposedly the world has gone wild with delight at the idea of gay marriage.

A CNN poll this month found that a narrow majority of Americans supported same-sex marriage — the first poll to find majority support. Other poll results did not go that far, but still, on average, showed that support for gay marriage had risen to 45 percent or more (with the rest either opposed or undecided).

That’s a big change from 1996, when Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act. At that time, only 25 percent of Americans said that gay and lesbian couples should have the right to marry, according to an average of national polls.

They are faking the polls. It’s that simple. They do it all the time. They use polls to drive public opinion, not measure it. They figure if they can lay on a PR campaign that says the whole world is in favor of gay marriage, the Supreme Court is more likely to impose it on the nation.

But consider this. 31 of the 50 states have gone so far as to pass constitutional amendments to their state constitutions BANNING gay marriage. And another 15 states have laws that ban gay marriage. So if the public was so wildly in favor of gay marriage, don’t you think a few more states would have passed it? When 45 out of the 50 states ban it, and of the 5 that allow it, several of those had it imposed on them by their state courts, don’t you think that more states would have passed it?

In fact, of the 5 that allow it, 3 of them had it imposed on them by state courts. So only two states have voted for it, Vermont and New Hampshire.

No, these polls are fake. Fake through and through.

Never trust the MSM.


Here, Ed Morrissey shows how they fake the polls. They simply reduce the number of Republicans polled, leaving a sampling that wildly favors Democrats.


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