More Baloney from WaPo

A judge blocked the use of embryos in stem cell research. This is not a big deal. Everyone knows that the real advances are in the area of adult stem cells, where no embryos need to be destroyed. But the Washington Post pretends that it is a crippler:

The ruling stunned scientists and other advocates of the research, which has been hailed as one of the most important advances in medicine in decades because of its potential to cure many diseases but has been embroiled in controversy because the cells are obtained by destroying days-old embryos.

“This is devastating, absolutely devastating,” said Amy Comstock Rick, immediate past president of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, a group of patient organizations that has been lobbying for more federal funding.

“We were really looking forward to research finally moving forward with the full backing of the NIH. We were really looking forward to the next chapter when human embryonic stem cells could really be explored for their full potential. This really sets us back,” Rick said. “Every day we lose is another day lost for patients waiting for cures.”

That’s all baloney. Anything treatment from embryonic stem cells is decades away, and real scientists admit this. However, adult stem cells are already producing real cures and treatments. And, scientists are producing cells from adult stem cells that have the same characteristics as embryonic cells. Rarely does a stem cell story in the MSM tell the real truth.

These people are hell bent on destroying embryos. End of story.

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