David Brooks goes on and on about how we must be strong; we must do the hard things in life. We must really work to be fair to all sides in a debate. And then he says this:

The ensuing mental flabbiness is most evident in politics. Many conservatives declare that Barack Obama is a Muslim because it feels so good to say so.

Many conservatives think Obama is a Muslim? That’s the laziest thing ever written. About 18% think Obama is a Muslim, but 11% think Elvis is still alive (this is called the Elvis factor). So slightly more than those who believe something manifestly idiotic think Obama is a Muslim. And those are not all conservatives, by the way, either.

So from that, the lazy David Brooks gets “many conservatives declare that Obama is a Muslim because it feels good to say so”.

But isn’t it lazy and sloppy to generalize from something that is barely in excess of the Elvis factor? And if a few more people believe Obama is a Muslim than think Elvis is still alive, does it matter at all? Considering polling. What percentage of the people polled are having mental problems? What percentage are senile? What percentage don’t pay any attention to anything political at all, ever? It’s easy to get to 18%.

What is stupid is to make a big deal about it.

And then, some people might be inclined to think Obama is really a Muslim because he constantly says how great Islam is, and he constantly criticizes Christianity. So, a few single digit percentage points are added onto the Elvis factor because of Obama’s own public stances.

From this, Lazy David Brooks concludes that “many conservatives” think Obama is a Muslim. But since the President has now exhibited a long history of lying about virtually everything, a willingness to mislead and dissemble, no wonder some people don’t believe him when he says he is a Christian. His actions speak to the contrary.

The fault is not in the laziness of Brooks’ stupid, stupid, unfair, morally weak electorate.

The fault is in Obama, dear Brutus.

How amazing. Brooks writes a column telling us that we need to face hard facts and do the work to look at things as they are. And then he writes this stuff.


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