Here Comes the Gay Marriage BS

Everybody supports gay marriage now. Everybody. It’s a trend. All over the world, people are marching arm in arm, because they love gay marriage so much.

Or, at least, that is what the MSM is about to tell everyone.

It’s all BS.

There will be polls that will show that everyone just loves gay marriage now. The polls will all be faked, just like they faked polls for the illegal immigrant debate, and just like they faked polls for the health care debate.

31 states have passed constitutional amendments against it, and another 15 states outlaw it. This is not because there is a groundswell of support for the idea. The idea is despised, in fact.

These newspaper people think you are awfully stupid, and that you can be swayed to do something you don’t like just by reading that a poll suddenly pronounces it popular.

In part, these articles are aimed at Justice Kennedy, the man who will decide the matter for the nation, when the california gay marriage case makes it to the Supreme Court. Kennedy is swayed by public opinion, so they think they can fool him into thinking that the country is turning gay.



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