Destructors of History

If you wonder how deeply the left’s devotion to destruction of basic tenets of decency and honesty go, listen to this:

The Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and the Constitution of the United States of America—those were the three texts in the blue pamphlet I found on the table in front of me as I took my seat at a conference at Princeton.

On the cover was the logo of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, an influential organization whose boardmembers include former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse, controversial Obama judicial nominee Goodwin Liu, former New York governor Mario Cuomo, former solicitors general Drew Days and Walter Dellinger, and former attorney general Janet Reno. The new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was a speaker at the society’s annual conventions in 2005, 2007, and 2008. And inside the pamphlet was a page saying, “The printing of this copy of the U.S. Constitution and of the nation’s two other founding texts, the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address, was made possible through the generosity of Laurence and Carolyn Tribe.”

How nice, I thought. Here is a convenient, pocket-sized version of our fundamental documents, including Lincoln’s great oration at Gettysburg on republican government. Although some might question the idea that a speech given more than eighty years after the Declaration qualifies as a founding text, its inclusion seemed to me entirely appropriate. By preserving the Union, albeit at a nearly incalculable cost in lives and suffering, Lincoln completed, in a sense, the American founding. Victory at Gettysburg really did ensure that government “by the people” and “for the people”—republican government—would not “perish from the earth.”

I recalled that in sixth grade I was required to memorize the address, and as I held the American Constitution Society’s pamphlet in my hands, I wondered whether I could still recite it from memory. So I began, silently reciting: “Four score and seven years ago . . . ,” until I reached “the world will little note nor long remember what we say here; while it can never forget what they did here.” Then I drew a blank. So I opened the pamphlet and read the final paragraph:

It is rather for us, the living, we here be dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that, from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here, gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Deeply moving—but, I thought, something isn’t right. Did you notice what had been omitted? What’s missing is Lincoln’s description of the United States as a nation under God. What Lincoln actually said at Gettysburg was: “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.” The American Constitution Society had omitted Lincoln’s reference to the United States as a nation under God from the address he gave at the dedication of the burial ground at Gettysburg.

At the time, staring at the text, I wondered whether it was an innocent, inadvertent error—a typo, perhaps. It seemed more likely, though, that here is the apex of the secularist ideology that has attained a status not unlike that of religious orthodoxy among liberal legal scholars and political activists. Nothing is sacred, as it were—not even the facts of American history, not even the words spoken by Abraham Lincoln at the most solemn ceremony of our nation’s history.

On organization that would slyly eliminate phrases it doesn’t like from the fundamental texts of America is a very dangerous organization indeed. Perhaps not in what it can really accomplish. But its thought patterns are rotten to the core.

What else have they altered?

What else have they lied about?


Uh-Oh. Global Warming Boys in More Hot Water.

Some real, professional statisticians have analyzed the Hockey Stick that the global warming boys touted for so many years.

It appears that when the data is properly analyzed, the graph looks quite different.

First of all, here is the Hockey Stick graph that the global warming boys tried to pass off on the world:

You can see the story they wanted to tell. Constant temperatures as far back as we can measure, and then, a sudden, sharp uptick due to the dastardly workings of that scoundrel, mankind.

But the real statisticians have published in a peer reviewed journal of statistics, and here is what they found is the correct way to present the raw data as found by the global warming boys. Mind you, this even accepts that their data is true and complete, which is far from settled.

As you can see, this shows that the world has slowly been cooling since the year 1000. Then, in recent years, there was a turn upward. And we are now back where the world started. Now, you might say that is still a problem, since it seems the modern temperature swing is very swift, compared with past centuries. But that depends on their data being right in the first place, which looks increasingly unlikely.

So, if even if you assume their data is correct, they used bad statistical methods to make the data scream whatever they wanted it to scream.

This is independent validation of what the skeptics had been saying all along. The authors conclude “In sum, these results suggest that the ninety-three sequences that comprise the 1,000 year old proxy record simply lack power to detect a sharp increase in temperature”. And, they say Climate scientists have greatly underestimated the uncertainty of proxy based reconstructions and hence have been overconfident in their models.

This raises an interesting question: Is the university world intellectually bankrupt? After all, the criticism of the Global Warming boys came from the private sector-trained McIntyre. His background was mining. If the calculations are wrong for those guys, they lose millions of dollars and perhaps hundreds or thousands of jobs. So they are very, very careful and use methods that are as accurate as possible. However, in the University world, there is no such incentive to be correct. In fact, there is an incentive to be wrong, but persuasive. To tell a weird story convincingly is considered top notch work.

A connection to reality is not needed, and is sometimes viewed as harmful or even degrading.

In so many other disciplines, the universities have produced the exact opposite of truth. They have become weird factories of untruth. In history, for example, distorting the facts and hiding relevancies is considered laudable. In social science, cherry picking and shaping data is considered a wonderful thing. No one checks your work in the universities, at least not in any meaningful way, so long as the results are politically correct.

There is an over-reliance on statistical studies precisely because statistics is so useful when you want to prove a false asssumption. Data are easy to fudge. The universities have found they can prove virtually anything by means of a statistical study.

And so, they have corrupted science beyond all belief.

Great Minds Think Alike

I once happened upon a liberal blog that was hard to read because it was filled with so much unnecessary profanity. So, Iowahawk hits the nail on the head here.

I Wish We Were Not So Clearly Inferior To Maureen Dowd.

Oh, I get it. If you are a socialist, are uneasy with the country you govern and feel the need to transform it into something more to your liking, then you are “high minded”. If you are willing to hide the ball from the country, if you intend on tricking the public, if you out and out lie about the most important things, then you are high minded.

You are high minded, because America is a sick, dysfunctional place. Obama is too good for us:

Maureen Dowd:

The bookstore gave the president a copy of “Freedom,” a new novel by Jonathan Franzen about a dysfunctional family in America. This is apt, since Obama is the head of the dysfunctional family of America — a rational man running a most irrational nation, a high-minded man in a low-minded age.

You are not able to force your will on America; therefore America is the problem. America is crazy:

The country is having some weird mass nervous breakdown, with the right spreading fear and disinformation that is amplified by the poisonous echo chamber that is the modern media environment.

It’s not Maureen Dowd that  is crazy. Oh, no. It is everyone else.

The dispute over the Islamic center has tripped some deep national lunacy. The unbottled anger and suspicion concerning ground zero show that many Americans haven’t flushed the trauma of 9/11 out of their systems — making them easy prey for fearmongers.

Many people still have a confused view of Muslims, and the president seems unable to help navigate the country through its Islamophobia.

Of course, it is de rigeur for the liberal columnist to allege racism, or in this case Islamophobia. Why in the world would we not want a questionable Muslim Imam to plant a Victory Mosque in a building so close that debris fell on it during the attacks. Knowing that the Imam says one thing in America, and another when he speaks in Arabic, why on earth would anyone object?

The dispute over the Islamic center has tripped some deep national lunacy. The unbottled anger and suspicion concerning ground zero show that many Americans haven’t flushed the trauma of 9/11 out of their systems — making them easy prey for fearmongers.

Many people still have a confused view of Muslims, and the president seems unable to help navigate the country through its Islamophobia.

The fearmongers who were telling us that George Bush is shredding the Constitution and had secret torture prisons, and who constantly tell voters  that racists will be in power if they don’t elect Democrats are now lecturing the world on fearmongering.

How nice.

Using the Polls to Lie again

Here come the fake gay marriage polls.

You knew they were coming. When Obamacare as being considered, the MSM showed that vast majorities of Americans wanted the public option – when in fact everybody hated the whole idea.

When the immigration bill was being considered during the Bush years, the MSM polls showed that 65% wanted illegals to become full citizens. After numerous polls were done by several other polling organizations, the true figures turned out to be 65% against.

Now comes the fake gay marriage polls. Supposedly the world has gone wild with delight at the idea of gay marriage.

A CNN poll this month found that a narrow majority of Americans supported same-sex marriage — the first poll to find majority support. Other poll results did not go that far, but still, on average, showed that support for gay marriage had risen to 45 percent or more (with the rest either opposed or undecided).

That’s a big change from 1996, when Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act. At that time, only 25 percent of Americans said that gay and lesbian couples should have the right to marry, according to an average of national polls.

They are faking the polls. It’s that simple. They do it all the time. They use polls to drive public opinion, not measure it. They figure if they can lay on a PR campaign that says the whole world is in favor of gay marriage, the Supreme Court is more likely to impose it on the nation.

But consider this. 31 of the 50 states have gone so far as to pass constitutional amendments to their state constitutions BANNING gay marriage. And another 15 states have laws that ban gay marriage. So if the public was so wildly in favor of gay marriage, don’t you think a few more states would have passed it? When 45 out of the 50 states ban it, and of the 5 that allow it, several of those had it imposed on them by their state courts, don’t you think that more states would have passed it?

In fact, of the 5 that allow it, 3 of them had it imposed on them by state courts. So only two states have voted for it, Vermont and New Hampshire.

No, these polls are fake. Fake through and through.

Never trust the MSM.


Here, Ed Morrissey shows how they fake the polls. They simply reduce the number of Republicans polled, leaving a sampling that wildly favors Democrats.

When the Government Picks Through Your Trash, It Isn’t a Democracy Anymore

Cleveland is going to use high tech means to go through your trash and fine you if you have not recycled lately. 

 The move is part of a high-tech collection system the city will roll out next year with new trash and recycling carts embedded with radio frequency identification chips and bar codes.The chips will allow city workers to monitor how often residents roll carts to the curb for collection. If a chip show a recyclable cart hasn’t been brought to the curb in weeks, a trash supervisor will sort through the trash for recyclables.

 Trash carts containing more than 10 percent recyclable material could lead to a $100 fine, according to Waste Collection Commissioner Ronnie Owens. Recyclables include glass, metal cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard.

Enviromentalism seems to equal totalitarianism, doesn’t it?


It’s Your Fault, Consumer

Obama has drastically screwed up the economy. He has sucked billions out of it, by wasting federal money on giveaways to his political cronies. Whereas wise savings and investment creates more money, unwise splurging by the Federal government creates nothing, and wastes a valuable resource.

When individuals spend, they spend on things that keep the ball rolling, econonomically speaking. When government spends, they waste it. They might as well have burnt the money.

So now, the Washington Post wants to say the poor economy is not Obama’s fault. It’s because consumers are not spending their money, as the government wants them to do. These doldrums are going to last forever:

With consumers destined to disappoint for many years, economy is unlikely to recapture prosperity of quarter-century that preceded financial crisis.

But it’s not the consumers. It’s the government. Government keeps threatening business. It keeps raising taxes. It has provided the one thing that kills business – uncertainty. You dare not spend these days, because the crazy government might decide that you are an enemy of the people by doing so. So businesses wait, they accumulate cash.