Oops. Greenland Not Melting.

Remember all that hype about Greenland melting? When the last IPCC report came out, it very slyly disguised the fact that Greenland is never going to melt, for all practical purposes. Even the hysterical IPCC said something like “Greenland’s ice may melt, but only on a millenial scale”. That means thousands of years from now. But James Hansen ran around, telling everyone that no, in fact, Greenland was melting faster and faster. Soon, the alarmists said, Greenland would be all melted, and the sea levels would rise so as to drown all the low lying coastal areas of the world.

It was all complete nonsense.

From WUWT:

But you don’t hear so much about Greenland melting down any more.

Science 23 January 2009:
Vol. 323. no. 5913, p. 458
Galloping Glaciers of Greenland Have Reined Themselves In
Richard A. Kerr

Ice loss in Greenland has had some climatologists speculating that global warming might have brought on a scary new regime of wildly heightened ice loss and an ever-faster rise in sea level. But glaciologists reported at the American Geophysical Union meeting that Greenland ice’s Armageddon has come to an end.

We provide an analysis of Greenland temperature records to compare the current (1995–2005) warming period with the previous (1920–1930) Greenland warming. We find that the current Greenland warming is not unprecedented in recent Greenland history. Temperature increases in the two warming periods are of a similar magnitude, however, the rate of warming in 1920–1930 was about 50% higher than that in 1995–2005.

….It is mid-summer and temperatures in the interior of the Greenland ice sheet are currently  minus 16F. Temperatures never get above freezing for more than a few minutes there.  Meanwhile temperatures in the interior of the East Antarctic ice sheet are close to minus 100F.

Every good citizen knows that the poles are melting – because they have been fed a continuous stream of gross misinformation. The press loves to print this stuff, but never makes any serious attempt to set the record straight later.


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